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The best album of 2010, as you can see from above picture, is Sadistik and Kid Called Computer’s magnificent collaboration: The Art Of Dying.



I freakin love this beat. And the lyrics….damn!


Safe In These Catacombs

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Word
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I’ve been waiting for Sadistik’s new album ever since I heard his debut back in ’08 and it finally arrived, Sadistik and Kid Called Computer have teamed up to release the incredibly dope EPĀ The Art Of Dying. Having heard The Balancing Act over 50 times in its entirety (and I’m not kidding) I knew what to expect from the new release. The problem was that I kind of feared listening to it because I knew he would express feelings which I’m currently going through (as he did so well on the previous album) and was not ready for hearing just yet. So after having the album on my hard drive for about 2 days (obviously would have bought it, but I do believe it won’t be shipped way over here and I don’t trust local customs) I finally got the courage and sat my ass down to listen to it through my headphones, for a better feel. And since then, I’ve listened to it countless times now and each time it shatters my soul into oblivion, deepening the gauge with every listen…I love it! It’s exactly what I was expecting and he definitely outdid himself. Great job by Kid Called Computer on the production as well.


Rearrange The Monsters

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Word
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Do you get moments when, out of nowhere you get overwhelmed by sadness? And your whole being feels empty and abandoned?…till the point where your face doesn’t remember how to coordinate its muscles to make a smile, because the part of your brain responsible for your good emotions is covered in shade. Or am I the only freak around here?


A Dream That I Can Catch

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Word

The amount of music I listen from Sadistik is ridiculous…and the kid has only one album, The Balancing Act, which I know by heart by now. But his music is not suitable for everyone.