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No, I did not live a happy life and “easy” is also far from it.



I Pity The Fool

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Word

…who dares stand in front of this motherfucker.


The fine people over at 5ve mics, a hip-hop forum of which I am a member of, initiated their third mixtape exchange with the theme: movie soundtrack . So I entered and this is what came out of it: my own soundtrack to one of Spike Lee’s best work, and one of my personal favorite movies: He Got Game.


Leave It To Me

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Word
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It’s ridiculous how many people I’ve helped…and how few of them haven’t done the same for me. Or how self-centric human beings really are…they forget in an instant what you’ve done for them, if you’re no longer in their interests. But one thing you slimy, sneaky bastards don’t know, is you will never change my soul. Those that know me well, know what I’m all about, and what I’m all about is explained very well in this song’s chorus. Listen well you! and take notes…from me, not from the song