Atmospheric Fridays #41

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Word
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It’s sad being sad, really.

I’ve never seen the sun decide to set so abrupt
As it does when the gun inside of you wakes up
Almost as if it’s trying to hide from your tantrums
Head full of hurt, closet full of phantoms
Never seen the sun shine quite so loud
As it does when that little girl makes herself proud
Almost as if it wants to come play a part
In those moments when your heart ain’t afraid of the dark
But sometimes I swear you make the sun confused
It wants to rise but it over analyzes what to do
It cries more than you when the storms come knocken’
Tries to hide it’s face just to avoid watchin’
I would drive by and wave but there ain’t no parade
So I’ma stay and wait for the day the sun goes away.


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