The Veil Of Ignorance

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Word
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So now I know which one of you lied and how many actually remembered….but anyway, regarding Easter and all that religious bullshit, have a listen to this and maybe you’ll smarten up a little bit.

Now modern day idol worship rules the mainstream
Christianity and Christ teachings are not the same thing
When the ruler Constantine became a Christian
He made men combine religious principles with the ways of the pagans
Holidays like Easter were based on the phrase that,
“Jesus died and rose from the grave in three days”
But if he died on a Friday, it’s untrue
And rose on a Sunday ,then that would make it only two
They celebrate his birthday in December, called it immaculate
But if you read the scriptures, then that timeline’s inaccurate
See, shepherds don’t have their flocks out in the Winter
Which proves that the Christ was not born in December
See, if Jesus was 33 and a half when he was killed
And his murder took place after the Passover meal
Passover was in March or April, this is a fact
If he was 33 and one half years, let’s count back
See a half a year is six months subtract from where I told you
Six months from March or April is September or October
It’s over. For truth, many died and others bled
What did Jesus have to do with rabbits and cut up eggs?
See the pagans had a ritual when Spring time came around
And women painted their bodies and hid till they were found
And homosexual men hid too
And whoever found them can do any sex act they chose to
With Jesus’ name, lies were bred
That tradition was passed down and that’s the reason why you hide eggs
And if this is the true day then something’s unclear
Why does Easter fall on a different day every year?

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