Sun Becomes Shelter In The Midst Of Rain

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Word
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You know what other newly released album is good? Cunninlynguists – Oneirology. I can’t stress hard enough how good Kno’s production is with this one.. and Deacon and Natti’s lyrics fit perfectly to the task.

Folding under pressure ain’t get us to where we at
When all hope’s lost you battle to get it back
In fact, dark times are when heroes shine
Without them sour grapes there would be no wine
Let your ego dine, adversity for breakfast
Zero pride, in settling for less then
Fighting tooth and nail, no matter who prevails
Instead of wishing on a star grab a comet by the tail
Your ship ain’t coming in, then you got to make a sale
Catch the wind and make it sail and hit the ground running
Til ya heartbeat sound like a battle drum thumping
Those talking ‘bout failure ain’t talking ‘bout nothing
You may weather the storm if you don’t stop punching
Reach for the stars and you might just touch ‘em.


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