Golden Mondays #22

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Word
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A nice, smooth and very jazzy track for this week’s series.

Now listen up everyone, while I hip you to
The scam why I am the funk soul sensation
I’m the gifted, the o-n-e, the mystic, the gothic
To be specific I was terrific even when I was microscopic
I was a small sperm cell in my daddy’s canal
Gave that ass a stimulating, blast straight up through his penal shaft
Ask my mother, she let the sperm cell gestate 9 months
But the funk couldn’t wait
I came in 8, she told me always to be early
That’s why I ain’t never late
Especially when I got a date with my fate
Dad sat me on his knee and told me “be all that you can be”
I looked him straight up in his mug and said “I wanna be an MC!”
And let the whole world sweat me
And my talent and the balance
I’m a make sure that they don’t ever forget me.


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