Second Best of 2010

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Word
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The second best release of 2010 goes to a great producer hailing from the South and member of a well known and respected underground group.

Kno – Death Is Silent

Flawless production from Kno on this album. The emo-Primo managed to create a masterpiece full of dark, gloomy music, probably the most “depressive” album I ever heard. And I mean that in a good way. If you are a soulless, thoughtless being, you won’t care too much for the album and all the music will just bounce off of you. But if you’re a person who has experienced tragic moments in their life, moments that still linger with you till this day, and if you’ve ever been depressed at least once, then you’ll love the album’s cinematic way of painting feelings.

I can feel my blood circulate the whole of my body
Cause there’s holes in my body, like a blow from a shotty
I’m assuming it probably, cause the hospitals got me
I get up off the gurney and I am certainly wobbly
But it doesn’t concern me that I am fervently nauseous
I’m not overly cautious, I just don’t know what caused it
So I’m talking to doctors, asking where is my family
Or who was it that brought me, or who was it that shot me
Cause I’m hurt pretty badly, but my memory’s shoddy
And nobody will help me, so I’m wobbling oddly
To the front of the lobby so maybe someone will spot me
But my face is in pieces maybe they don’t recognize me
Now I’m just realizing, as I open my pocket
That my phone is inside it, so I’m frantically dialing
Trying to call my fiancé, maybe she’s trying to find me
But I hear ringing behind me, and it strikes me as odd
I turn around as she walks up to finish the job.

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