Forth Best of 2010

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Word
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This guy has a crazy ethnicity and background: he was born in Kenya, raised in London and now lives in Canada. Ow, and he is also forth on my list.

Shad – TSOL

This is Shad’s third album, which dropped 3 years after the previous one, a long wait for fans. This is a heartfelt, clever and extremely soulful album. You couldn’t ask for more, as Shad shines over each and every track.

I’m listening to Mr J Medeiros and Nicolay
While I’m hearing drips of rain
Hit against the window pane
Hits on tape, hit parade 1968
When it plays I hear the bullets penetrate
MLK, soul levitate
When the plane starts to escalate
Top gun, take my breath away
It’s time to press and play
Drop the needle then step away
Hear whats said off the record
Before there’s nothing left to say.

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