Seventh Best of 2010

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Word
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Next in line is an emcee who has been doing this for over 17 years now and has shown no signs of slowing down and this release might be his best to date, containing the usual lyrical ability that we’re used to from him.

Canibus – C Of Tranquility

C of Tranquility shows that Canibus is one of the veterans that still manages to release a dope album in today’s hip-hop scene. Personally, I think this is his best effort, seeing as how it seems that he is finally at peace with his place in the industry, more attention was put into his lyricism and beat management, rather than into commercial singles or rants towards the industry (as he has done several times before). From start to finish, this is Canibus at his best.

I rest alone in a cold cabin composed of stone from old agate
A sarcophagus filled with gold tablets
The archaeological dig-site, excavated the bone matter of this unknown rapper
The blood of the Gorgon was used as the cure for the poison
The poison that destroyed his organs
His DNA was shaped like a Series of sideways 8’s
Space time is converted to time space.

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