Ninth Best of 2010

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Word
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The next album is somewhat different from how the others are, in the sense that it is a producer’s album. This Detroit cat decided to “remix”, or better yet, re-do, some of other fellow Detroit emcees’ tracks, give them his own twist, and put all this work together to from an album. And what album it is! True hip-hop at it’s finest.

Apollo Brown – The Reset


Don’t be surprised if some of the verses you hear sound familiar. The tracks present are given by Apollo Brown, with a different beat, under the original vocals with some new ones here and there. Make no mistake, this is an album that is focused on beats and rhymes and it delivers as such.

December winter with temper to bitter cold
Black ice frozen drizzling kiss the snow
Dead trees, dead dreams and all that you didn’t know
All preserved in the words and the places you didn’t go
It didn’t grow, seed planted in the Arctic
Praying for some sunlight, bleeding for the harvest
Praying fairytales just retreating to the darkness.

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