An Overachiever

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Word

So “soon enough” came sooner than expected….Now, where were we? Ow, right. Before I was rudely interrupted by exams and work, I managed to make a top 10 best of 2010. And, even though I am a bit late with the list, I will be posting the countdown of my favorite releases from last year starting this week. Stay tuned!

I’m an over achiever, so how ’bout I start a team of leaders
And pick up Stevie Wonder to be the wide receiver
Green paper, gold teeth and pregnant gold retrievers
All I want, fuck money, diamonds and bitches, don’t need ’em
But where the fat ones at? I got something to feed ’em
In some cooking books, the black kids never wanted to read ’em.


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