Value Peace

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Word
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I don’t believe in God. Ain’t no such thing as a greater power deciding our fate. We decide it for us. We chose our way in life…and even when we chose not to chose, it’s still a choice. We are responsible, not a big guy upstairs….and all this coming from a person who had religion fed to him (or rather Christianity to be more precise) and was forced to believe in a so called God and in the “teachings” a book titled The Bible brought. People follow blindly, so if a handful of sheep say the writings are true, then the whole herd will follow…Religion is the biggest mass control tool humanity ever had and it will be exploited to it’s full potential. Now, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe in God. I’m saying you should think for yourself, take your own decisions and don’t follow just because it’s “cool”.

Omnipresent? Nah, I can’t believe it,
Nobody can be everywhere at once, I can’t see it.
I can’t be it. By “it”, I mean God fearing,
Cults up in the church praying, Yo, I ain’t caring.

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