Golden Mondays #18

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Word
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Black Moon’s debut album from 1993 Enta Da Stage is a corner stone in what the definition of east coast hip hop is and is one of the dopest albums ever to drop. I’m putting it up there with Illmatic but I’m sure most of you will debate and opinions will differ over which one is better.

Kicking flavor, with my life saver techniques
Guaranteed to move feets and I go on for weeks
Maybe years if my peers give me ears to fill
Lick off a shot and act ill, parlay and chill
See I paid my dues, now you can’t tell me nothing
This is dedicated to the ones who kept fronting.


I’m tacking you back, come follow me
On a journey to see a for real MC
The mind tricks the body,
Body thinks the mind is crazy
But when I get the slazy
Keep my flow, I’m swayze.


Yeah they tell me chill when I kick it
Although lyrics is wicked, it’s all about the L’s and how I lick it.
Or how I shot somebody in the mug
With the slug leaving white chalk all on over pitch black rug
You couldn’t tell me other word to mother
When I was fifteen running around I was a real street lover.

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