Santa Who?

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Word
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Is this Christmas? It sure doesn’t seem so…back when I was a kid, Christmas used to be different, quite the opposite of how it is now…oh, and let me tell you one more thing…there’s no such thing as Santa. Because every year I am the so called “Santa” for other people and there’s no fat, red suited bastard that comes to my Christmas Tree in exchange for some milk and cookies. Just so you know. Meh.

You better watch out, you better watch out
Santa Claus is coming to your town no doubt
Most of y’all thought Santa was a tale
But rearrange the letters in his name and you spell..
Satan. Once again, up to old tricks
Kids on his line cause he promised mad gifts
The same thing he did when he went to Jesus Christ
As he fasted on the mountain 40 days 40 nights
Recognize the signs or you might pay the price…your soul
Cause Santa ain’t from the North Pole
He’s from the fireplace that we all know as hell
The same place he enters in the homes that you dwell.

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