Don’t Be Afraid To Join

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Word

Dedicated to the art.

Deep concentration, mental penetration
Hits me off the paranormal psychic information
Imagine every b-boy and girl in third world nations
Unite become one through pure hip-hop meditation
Watch me closely, I separate the spiritual from the ghostly
Test the Emperor get struck down like Obi Wan Kenobi
I am hip-hop behold me, but no one had ever told me
That corporate America would attempt to over-throw me
Secretly plant and grow me, light me up and then smoke me
Got you thinking your the Godfather like Vito Corleone
As an underground artist my days and nights were lonely
Signed a contract like King Salo, now everybody knows me
Righteousness upholds me, wicked women don’t approach me
I am a player-hater so Craig T. Nelson couldn’t coach me
I flipped animalistics, and the critics tried to poach me
Turned a crew of battle-cats into pussy-cats like Josie
Oh don’t play me closely, it’s the music that controls me
Hip-hop is mother earth and in my infancy she holds me
Single parent she single handedly shaped and mold me
When they tried to enslave me she train me how to set my soul free
Bounty Hunters captured me, in carbonite they froze me
I am the Lord Odin my two sons are Thor and Loki
In the beginning there was the word and in the sentence hip-hop wrote me
If you’re brave enough to meditate then come along and show me!


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