Golden Mondays #4

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Word
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Gotta love De La Soul. They’re style is quite similar to that of A Tribe Called Quest but they still have their own flavor. If you’re diggin’ jazzy beats, then you’ll love these guys right here.

The instamatic focal point bringing damage to your boroughs
Be some brothers from the east with some beats that be thorough
Got the solar gravitation so I’m bound to pull it
I gets down like brothers are found ducking from bullets
Gun control means using both hands in my land
Where it’s all about the cautious livin’
Migrating to a higher form of consequence, compliments
Of strugglin’, that shouldn’t be notable
Man every word I say should be a hip hop quotable

And also, this gem.

Cause there’s no escape from the clutches of a hawker
Attached to my success sent like a stalker
Make way to my radius playing “Fly guy”
Try to get on my back, they force like Luke Sky

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