Golden Mondays #3

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Word
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It was 1984 when the world got introduced to Run-D.M.C. – widely considered as being the most influential group in hip-hop history and the ones that broke into the mainstream back in that era. Not only did they introduce everyone to their power style rhyming and rough beats but also started what we now know as hip-hop’s golden age. There is a whole lot to be said about the crew from Hollis, Queens and how many records they’ve set in the music industry, but the fact that pretty much everyone, including you, has heard of them or at least one of their songs…that by itself is saying enough.

Most people acknowledge Raising Hell as being their best album and no doubt it’s a great hip-hop record, but my personal favorite is their debut self-titled album from ’84.

I couldn’t wait to demonstrate
All the super def rhymes that I create.
I’m a wizard of a word, that’s what you heard
And anything else is quite absurd.
I’m the master of a mic, that’s what I say
And if I didn’t say that, you’d say it anyway.

Rest In Peace Jam Master Jay.

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