Golden Mondays #2

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Word
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If you’re a hip-hop fan, then no doubt you’ve heard of A Tribe Called Quest. If you haven’t, then A. you’re not listening to good music and need to stop liking that crap that you might like; and B. go find the nearest bridge and throw yourself off it. Thank you very much. Now, since you eventually managed to come back from that fall, you can do point A. and I’ll tell you that ATCQ is one of the most important and groundbreaking groups in hip-hop as they’ve managed to use their soulful, smooth jazzy beats and obtain both commercial and critical acclaim all over the world. And here’s one more thing that you might or might not know : 3 of their 5 studio albums are widely considered as classics in the hip-hop world. Hey, don’t take my word for it, grab them and vibe out while the most intelligent and artistic hip-hop group invade your soul.

You got BBD all on your bedroom wall
But I’m Above the Rim and this is how I ball
A pretty little something on the New York street
This is how I represent over this here beat

Couldn’t post just one gem, now could I? So here’s another.

See, kids be getting stuck with jewels and fly gimmicks
Shorty see the action and then start to mimic
Running to the corner, the dice game is blazing
Looking at the loot, it seems so amazing

You’re welcome.


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