You Listening To Me?

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Word
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Hearing K-Rino is coming out with a new album, a double CD release actually, brings nothing but joy to my ears. I’ll feel like Christmas just came the moment I’ll be listening to that new album, entitled Annihilation of the Evil Machine. Rino always nourishes the neural activity.

At some point you gotta do it yourself
You’re accumulating dust just like a book on the shelf
I ain’t saying what I’m saying just to preach or to bore you
I’d rather teach you how to fish than keep catching them for you
You posses so much talent and depth
But the problem that I see is you won’t challenge yourself
It’s a lot of success for people who’ve been defeated
That tried, but failed multiple times before they finally succeeded
You was blessed with the very same thing they got
Only difference between you and them is they didn’t stop
Pick yourself up playa stay focused and driven
Cause when you stop chasing your dreams is when you stop living


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