Probably Used A Million Pens

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Word

What’s this I hear? The World Cup started, which means there’ll be nothing but soccer on TV for a whole month, soccer in the newspapers and people talking about soccer every-goddamn-where. Maaaan, soccer is boring. I’ll stick to my shit (and the NBA Finals) thank you very much. Have a good day.

We don’t procrastinate, how many times I got to say to you?
We ain’t the type of cats that only talk about what they would do
For years we’ve been paying dues, staying true
To our self, while we making moves, thank God we made it through
Won’t stop until I do what I came to do
Kick a flow and get the doe, that’s just to name a few
Now every rhyme I say to you is here to stay with you
We stick in your head like it was said with the crazy glue
You wanna battle? One Be Lo is not afraid of you
I could care less about your reputation, even though it maybe true

This is one of my favorite songs all time.

*plays on repeat*


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