Trying To Cleanse My Soul

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Word
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Probably most people that know me and even those that meet me for the first time will say that I am a sad person. And truth is that’s how I feel. Lonely and sad. Even though I have a few real close friends and a there is girl whom I love…but every time I am alone it all breaks apart. It’s like I am a whole different person.

I rarely look in the mirror anyway, cause I know how I feel on the inside and I know it reflects on the outside. The weird thing is that I sort of accept this state that I am in. I think a whole lot more when I feel down because my head is clearer and so I am able to process things differently than when I am happy. Happy….I’m far from it. And currently it seems I won’t know happiness for a long time. But who knows…

I guess God seen it fit to label me the consoler
Bestowed upon a broken show and forever be the shoulder
My mission is plain to see it’s freaking insanity
I’m wishing the pain in me would just leave me be. why can’t it be?

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