Atmosphere Fridays #9

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Word
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As the next song says: love your life. I mean, what else can you do? Sure, you can do the opposite and hate it and curse it with every step you take and call her bad names each time you breathe, but that won’t help you much. It will only deepen the black hole you got inside and in that black whole little demons will start to take shape and eventually get out. And once they get out you can’t take a hold of them again, in order to put them back in. Aka you’re screwed. So, uhm…take it easy and have a muffin. Or some pie. Mmmmm, I love pie.

Love your life, quite cliche but I guess that’s me
A ball of pop culture with some arms and feet
As discrete as I’ve tried to keep the drama and cancer
It’s no secret I hunger for someone to feed the answers


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