The Fiend

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Word
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My craving for a Dr Pepper has just reached an all time high. Damn country…can’t find the damn thing in only one food-store chain and the specific stores that used to have it, don’t seem to sell it anymore, although the price tag is on the shelf. Dammit!

What does a guy have to do to get a Doctor Pepper around here? My kingdo….wait… soul for a Pepper! There! Can’t beat that bargain.

For me it’s the tedium, mass media, the heavy glare
Graffiti and it’s the broken glass everywhere
Stress complex, the pressure in ex-projects
Bad news and taboos, women as sex objects
Nipple slips, the price of gas, twice as fast, triple flips
Making crack, my aching back and crippled hips

  1. msh says:

    Dude it’s just a softdrink, bearing the name of a famous gynecologist 😀

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