Posted: April 17, 2010 in Word
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I get disgusted every time I hear people complain about stuff that isn’t all that important to one’s life…saying they don’t have this or they don’t have that. So what? Unless the things you’re mentioning aren’t air, water, shelter, food or health then you have nothing to complain about. Those are the most vital elements to a human’s well being. The rest aren’t mandatory, they’re just optional.

There are a lot of souls out here that encounter real difficulties in life and I hope you never have to experience them. There’s no point in laying them all out here, you can figure it out by yourself. But take Poetic for example, the guy from the next song’s second verse. The track was recorded in 2001, the year of his passing. In 1999 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and doctors gave him only 4 months left to live, but yet he moved on and fought death for 2 and a half years. Now, I posted his entire verse, so you can feel his pain and know how much he suffered, so you can understand what he was going through and what his mind state was during the turmoil. Oh and by the way, Poetic is the one on the right in the pic.

Paralyzed on the bathroom floor by pain
Last month I endured, but now I can’t ignore
Feels like railroad spikes being stuck in my liver
Am I dying? Eyes crying, body starting to shiver
Crawled upstairs from the basement calling my sister
Dawn help me, I ain’t feeling too healthy
Stomach walls burning, head spinning and turning
Waiting for the EMS; 3:10 in the morning
Rush me to the emergency screaming like a newborn
The pain’s too strong maybe my soul’s trying to move on
They hook me to the I.V., put me through some X-Rays
Gave me Demerol to kill the pain that was the next phase
Early the next day in the hospital room
Moms and pops in the room, three or four docs in the room
Test results suggest your colon and your liver
Is so cancerous you got three months left
Me and Death is playing chess ever since then
My strength is the most high, my fam and close friends
The Last Emp and Set Free blessed me with a verse
Staying healthy comes first
Look at me, things could be worse.

Staying healthy comes first!

  1. msh says:

    Rapping presents, we all love’em 😀

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