Don’t Cry Wolf

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Word
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Let’s keep the story theme going, shall we? It’s about time I introduce to you Binary Star (read this carefully) the best underground hip-hop group.

In this statement, your opinion doesn’t matter. And here’s another statement you can keep in your dome: Masters of The Universe is the best hip-hop album ever. Period. There’s no doubt I’ll be posting just about every song on the album and some of their solo work just to rub it in. Aahh, maybe I’ve side tracked a little bit..and as I was saying, the story today shall be about the boy who cried wolf. With a twist.

Wolf man Jack strikes again
Bringing this story to an end
Just like my man and his crew
If you like to cry wolf, the same thing can happen to you…

  1. tuş says:

    i don t get what you see in this guys as being the best hip pap grup :-??

  2. scribe says:

    these guys are THE BEST. my favorite tracks are reality check, masters of the universe, caged bird pt 1, and honest expression. but even the ones i didn’t mention are amazing, such as glen close.

    • lamemeetoile says:

      yes! I honestly don’t think there’s a single track on the album which I don’t like. That’s why my intention is to post more from them, so the world can appreciate their talent and how good an album released in 2000 is.

  3. Jkr says:

    Have to admit thats some good $heet, so good it’s making me listen to H-H again.

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