Different Rain

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Word

It was nice being on the road today. Even if it rained the whole day, with nothing but 5 minutes of clear atmosphere, today was a nice day. I’ve always liked the rain.

Sometimes I like to walk in it and sometimes I like to look at the raindrops hit a hard surface in order to see how far the splatter can go. And there’s these few times when I look at the rain when it hits water just to watch the ripple spread over and over. And today I did all these rain-related things and I liked doing it. Because all in all, I like the rain. I always have. Does that make me strange? No, definitely not.

There’s this one guy I listen to a lot and every time I hear his songs, I like to compare him to the rain. Basically because of what I stated above: what rain can do on any surface, Illogic can do in his songs. From 5 minute songs that consist of nothing but metaphors after metaphors over metaphors, to deep felt stories like the one below. So pay attention and learn a few things kiddies.

Should I risk losing one family to start my own?
Or if I don’t have it, will he hate me, and make me stand alone
Leaving me to hold this bag of bricks and carry it for a lifetime,
While he can relieve the pain by just going home and writing a rhyme?
At that point he pulls her close, whispers “I love you” to her lobes
Unbeknownst to the dichotomy in the beauty that he beholds

And yes, you can bet your sweet little ass, I will be posting more Illogic. For the masses.


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