A Dream That I Can Catch

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Word

The amount of music I listen from Sadistik is ridiculous…and the kid has only one album, The Balancing Act, which I know by heart by now. But his music is not suitable for everyone.

His music is dark, gloomy, depressive, definitely not something you would listen to in order to feel better, or boost your spirit. But to me, his music is beautiful, lyrics always on point, and every beat he rhymes to fits him like a glove. This guy is like a hero to me. So you can imagine the 12 songs from his album aren’t enough. I need more dosage and thankfully enough, he’ll be releasing two more EP’s this year. Hell yes!

I’m the type that’ll cherish frozen winters
Stare at snowy blizzards and take it to heart
Then break it apart, I carry hopes and blisters
Cutting heart strings with a pair of broken scissors

  1. scribe says:

    sadistik is very dope. props.

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