Stuck Below the Heavens

Posted: April 3, 2010 in Word
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The world is a mutherfucker. The world is bad. The world doesn’t care. The world is cold hearted. The world tears you down and rips through the flesh to get into your skin and manipulate your soul. The world forgets you as quickly as it got introduced to you. The world is dead. But at the same time, the world is…

[Verse 1:]
Yo, I’m tryin’ to get this place that my grandpa told me bout as a child
Told me only few can make it and the faithless ain’t allowed
Be a star out your gang & aim above the clouds
And if you miss, you at least be amongst your own crowd
I smile cause now I see what he meant
I see it in the eyes of mothers when they uncover their sins and repent
Getting closer to Jehovah on they old knees bent
Praying our mind frames switch and our times change quick
But I hate to say it brother, the youth is too stubborn
To stuck on themselves to ever think about others
They must uncover the scales, on they eyes called lies
Leadin’ the deaf dumb and blind
To a place my mom told me bout (hell)
Where your sins get cleansed cause they bathe in flames
And the only route out, is to shout out his name
I was trained to be a soldier for god
But as soon as I used my own thoughts
I kinda got lost in a small called reality
Where hell is a falacy
And heaven is a fantasy created by man
So don’t believe in it
You came here with nothing
And you leavin’ with nothing
So retreat from this world of deceitfulness
My people it’s time to rise
Realize it’s a heaven whether you think it’s inside
Or in the sky reach for it
Before it’s gone internally
And you’re stuck here below the heavens for eternity

[Verse 2:]
Somebody once told me that I’m already in hell
Freedoms a state a mind
And just the heart of me’s in hell
I free my slave mind so a part of me’s in hell
So even when it’s hard to breathe, a part of me inhales
So pardon me, you gotta’ try hard to be yourself
‘Cause you can’t get to heaven being anybody else
And I was raised by a reverend yet the lessons didn’t help
I had to get ’em for myself
I was told hell is hot, but had to feel it for myself
So I left home, as a young child smiling as I stepped on
Facing the world but naked, without my weapon
I lost my smile and in exchange, I put a vest on
Now that my premature stress is gone
I got problems to face as a man
I was told you either stand or you fall
As long as you know when you walk you holdin’ hands with a god
That alone can turn the dark to a walk in the park
I only talk from my heart so open yours when you listening
Every man has his own heaven the difference is the way that he envisions it
So if you make your heaven picture less
By the time you die
You’ll be driftin’ in an imageless field
So build your heaven full of blessed thoughts
That’s real, you can stress it or just let it walk
I got a question if a man can make his own heaven
Then can he make his path to get to it too?
I only spit through a truth
And I spit it for the listeners
So I’m spittin’ to you
You say it’s hell
I say it’s bullshit we getting through
Just think about it every man has his own heaven
But shit you gotta’ go through hell to be a man first
And understand first
Hell is what you choose to call the present
That’s why you’re going through it
I just choose to call it stressin’
To tell you fools the truth
I don’t think this is what I’m destined
So you can call it hell but bro
I just say I’m below the heavens

Fuck it, too many good quotables to write them separately. Had to post both verses so you can feel the deepness in those lyrics.

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