Posted: March 31, 2010 in Word

Whenever I don’t feel like listening to music, and just want to hear some nice, smooth, chilled instrumentals, I listen to Dronezone. Tons and tons of Dronezone.

I also recommend taking a look over at SomaFM as they have other cool radios, and you might find something of your liking. But first, start with Dronezone. Best served at night. And I hear it goes great with lava lamps and candles. You will like it either way.

Drone Zone

I swear, this music heals the soul.

  1. MsH says:

    As a frantic user i must add that it does not heal any soul, it merely deepens any cut and makes it deeper, causing internal thought combustion and grinding until there’s no thought left to grind. Erotic chill may just do the trick….

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