You will be held in solitary confinement

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Word
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I had a conversation with someone recently about what music I listened to. And when I told him I listen to hip-hop he told me that’s wack. So I made him give me examples of artists that he thinks I listen to. Obviously he gave me the wrong names, all of them being part of this bullshit mainstream rap. It’s not the first time that this has happened. When I tell people hip-hop, most of them think of what they see on TV.

This convinced me to start the blog you see show people what I listen to and to prove to them what real hip-hop is.  I won’t be posting just music, I mean sure it’ll be the main focus, but I’ll post whatever I feel needs sharing with you.

So to start things off, here’s what I listen to: K-Rino. And lots of K-Rino.

Dig this. and dig it deep

from the moment I put one foot on the next floor
I became sick to my stomach, disgusted by what I saw
people who needed me in life that I chose to ignore
stood before me with intentions to even up the score

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